SAJDA FESTIVAL, an annual event, aims to pay tribute to UNSUNG heroes from different genres, to dying art forms and to musical instruments which are either being seldom played or not heard. SAJDA also offers its homage to world class artistes honouring their contribution to the musical world.

SAJDA FESTIVAL UK that was officially launched in 2019 with five successful events (comprised of vocals, sitar, harmonica, inspirational music, photography and poetry) held in Manchester and London and one (tribute to Bollywood songs of yesteryears) in the city of Mumbai followed by online fest last year with 4 shows (vocal, sitar, harmonica and flute).

The idea and thought of SAJDA was rooted in the Indo UK cultural year that was announced by Prime Ministers of both nations – the UK and India – Ms Theresa May and Shri Narendra Modi respectively.

The festival engaged with the Indian diaspora and acted as LIVING BRIDGE between the two nations with its performing arts events in UK.  To promote further the North South dialogue at Manchester based iconic Band on the Wall, engagement with the South Asian diaspora, therefore, later became one of the key objectives of the festival with focus on Indian performing arts. The Nehru Centre London (Indian High Commission), Manchester University, Consulate General of India office in Birmingham, and Manchester Museum have been keenly interested in our work and supported the festival activity.

In its SEASON 3 (2021-22) the SAJDA FESTIVAL comes with a unique online and offline musical festival events with Indian artistes building and strengthening further the engagement with Indian diaspora, global artistes and keeping the tradition of keeping dying art forms alive. The festival has a strong social connect as from its funds pot it donates money to charitable causes. Following its success of activities over the past five years events in Manchester and official launch of Season 1 (Offline events in Manchester and London) and Season 2 (online), SAJDA FEST is geared up to launch its next season – with a comprehensive one-year-calendar of events.

Festival will witness an eminent team artistes and musicians as part of its offering.

Highlight of the musical calendar year will be the homage paid to world class artistes of international repute – Bharat Ratna Pt Bhimsen Joshi and another multi-talented artiste Bharat Ratna Satyajit Ray whose centenary celebrations will be observed.

The entire festival will be offered FREE OF COST to music lovers. Like minded individuals and corporates will support the festival to make it sustainable.