Ani Kaprekar is a highly creative business and community leader, with more than 30 years of multi-faceted international leadership career.

Ani is an alumnus of Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai and formally trained in theatre and film craft. He is also a social media storyteller followed by more than 1 million people across the world on Facebook. Ani has performed in many shows as an anchor, actor and storyteller, including theatre and TV in India. Ani is a popular host for many virtual events in the UK on diverse platforms. He was also the  host for SAJDA Season 1 and Season 2 festivals.

Ani is a task force member for diversity & inclusion at Manchester Publishing Association. He is on the board of trustees at Vision Multi-Academy Trust in Manchester.

Ani is engaged in several public-private initiatives in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Performing Arts. He has partnered with many industry leaders, organisations and start-ups as an Executive Coach, Non-Executive Director, and Independent Advisor. Ani is also co-founder of OMPEG UK and Tech India Advocates (part of Global Tech Advocates).