Flautist, Sangeet Natak Akademi award winner, Grammy Award nominee

Pt Ronu Majumdar (Ranendra Majumdar)  is responsible of popularizing Indian Flute (Bansuri) in the younger generation of this era all over the Globe. A powerhouse performer, Ronu Majumdar is firmly rooted in the Maihar gharana.

Pt. Ronu is a style maker and has invented unique style of rendering the Raga, which has good mixture of ‘Drupad Gayaki’ with ‘Laykari’. Pt. Ronu Majumdar is credited for making flute, a popular musical instrument amongst the youngsters of this era all over the globe. By virtue of his phenomenal talent, he and the ‘Bansuri’ are literally synonymous.

Pt. Ronu Majumdar is a force to reckon with in the realm of Indian classical music both as a thinking musician and scintillating performer. He began playing the flute under the guidance of his father Dr. Bhanu Majumdar, late Pt. Lakshman Prasad Jaipurwale and finally the revered Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao. He was also fortunate to receive training from his grand guru Pt. Ravi Shankar.

Ronuji has created an enviable niche for himself in the field of contemporary popular music which is exemplified by his Grammy Nomination in 1996. He has composed music for India’s first I-Max film “Mystic India”.

Pt. Ronu Majumdar has conducted a concert of 5,378 flautists on one stage called ‘Venu Naad’ under the banner of ‘Art of Living’. This event is being recorded in Guinness Book of World Records.

Films Division of India has produced a documentary film on Pt. Ronu Majumdar called ‘Bansuriwala’ . The android app – ‘Ronu Majumdar Flute’ which is absolutely free which in itself is a welcoming news for Pt. Ronu Majumdar’s fans all over the world.The app is also available on Windows and IOS.


All India Radio Award {1981} ; Aditya Vikram Birla Award {1999} ,Lifetime Achievement Award by Sahara India {2001}, National Kumar Gandharva Award {2006} , Sangeet Natak Academi Award 2014 {2015}, Lifetime Achievement Award by Navbharat Times