Rahul Laud is a senior journalist and an amateur musician with a cumulative experience of over three decades working in different countries including India. He is currently the Consultant Associate Editor at Asian Lite International in UK. He is also the Curator and Researcher of the Indian Influencers List, Greater Manchester. 

Rahul learnt the tabla under the guidance of late Pt Sadanand Amonkar in India. Recently he led an introduction to Tabla workshop at the Band on the Wall in Manchester for children. He is familiar with artistes and Hindustani and Bollywood music and plays different Indian rhythm instruments.  

He has been actively associated with the Band on the Wall activities in engaging with the Indian diaspora and also helped organising the impact of semi classical music on popular film music for the ROOTS segment at the Blue Dot festival at Macclesfield in 2019.

He has been a teacher of Mass Communications as a guest lecturer at the University of Mumbai. He is on the Faculty of the Art of Living Foundation as a volunteer-trainer leading Breath and Meditation workshops. He is an active volunteer for the charity – International Association for Human Values.